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software view MatchStatistics is a revolutionary sports betting software to carry out mass and fast statistical analysis of sports betting strategies on basis of historical sports results and odds offers of more then 200 bookmakers from 2006 up till now. MatchStatistics searches for gaps in a global system of odds creation and help a gambler gain positive expected value from betting in a long run.
Unique features of this program make it the best available on market software to find useable value bets - bets that give a gambler positive expected value.

Use inefficiency of sportsbooks offer creation

  Sportsbooks very often are not able to price their odds correctly to fit real probability of different results.

  Different sportsbooks often offer different odds for the same event. It is worth to analyze at one time offers of large number of sportsbooks to find combination of highest odds. Using MatchStatistics you may easily gain edge over any single sportsbook

  Automatic optimizer implemented. Chose a period of time and disciplines and MatchStatistics will identify a range of odds which betting was statistically profitable.

  Carry out simulations of betting based on historic data. Use great advantage of Kelly’s criterion. Change a fraction of bankroll used for a single bet and see effect on a chart.

  Get known yourself with powerful "conditional betting expressions", which allow creating and testing unlimited number of betting strategies. You will be surprised how easy, using a user defined system, will be choosing an event and what to bet.

Huge data base for your disposal

Program application comes with a huge data base covering sportsbooks odds offers for main events starting from 01/01/2006. This database contains sports such as: soccer, hockey, basketball, and handball. The number of all events exceeds 130,000!!!

MatchStatistics is free forever

Beta version of MatchStatistics (version 5.0.3) is available for now. Program is being developed all the time. One of primary goals of our policy is giving any future version also for free. Read the licence.

MatchStatistics does not contain any form of malware :

Our Sports Betting Software is Windows 7 Compatible :

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